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Amazon preparations
It is important to be prepared when you travel, and even more so when your trip takes you into the jungle! Read the following for some helpful hints in preparing for your adventure.

Amazon fishing
Sleeping arrangements in hammocks on board in the early morning.

Make sure to read our Amazon Adventure Checklist - which will help you pack your bags with things you may need!

Health Precautions For Fishing In The Amazon Region
Please check with your personal physician or travel medicine clinic before booking your trip to South America. Below are some basic guides as to what you can expect to hear, based on our non-medical experience in the Amazon. For further recommendations please visit the following websites:
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
The Travel Health Online Resource

• Yellow Fever Vaccine
Your local travel health clinic will be able to administer this vaccine. It will be good for 10 years. Do not receive this vaccine if you are allergic to eggs. Yellow fever is an insect-borne disease that is widespread throughout the tropics as well as around the world.

• Hepatitis A & B Vaccine
Hepatitis A is commonly contracted by direct person-to-person contact, from contaminated water, ice, or sewage-contaminated water; fruits, vegetables or other foods which are eaten uncooked, or contaminated during handling. The new Havrix vaccine protects you from both Hep A and B for a number of years and should be available from your family doctor as well as any travel health clinic.

• Malaria Prophylaxis
Much has been made of Malaria drugs and their side effects. Few people experience side effects to the most commonly prescribed drug Mefloquine, (trade name Lariam) which is taken on a weekly basis. There is a new drug on the market under the trade name Malarone that presents an alternative to web. Lariam generally should not be taken if you are currently taking one of several cardiac medications, or if you are taking seizure or epileptic medication. Because the Rio Negro is a black water river with very soft acidic water, there are very few mosquitoes, and malaria is less prevalent than in other parts of the Amazon. Because of the incubation time of the disease the prophylaxis must be taken for some time after you return home.

• Tetanus Booster
You should obtain a current tetanus booster shot.

• Diarrhea
Bring Imodium - two capsules at the onset of diarrhea and then one capsule after each loose stool. Not to exceed 8 capsules in one day. If the diarrhea persists, and is accompanied by severe cramping, it may be advisable to obtain a prescription for Cipro 500 mg to take twice daily until the diarrhea stops.

• Sunburn
Please bring plenty of sun lotion as well as hats and long sleeved shirts to protect from the tropical sun. SPF 20 or higher is recommended.

• Passports & Visas
Entry into Brazil requires a valid passport and tourist visa. You can contact your Brazilian consulate (most major cities) or elect to use a visa agency in your city to assist you with this, especially if you do not live near the designated consulate. Consulates may be idiosyncratic in their processing of visas. Because of this we recommend you submit your application at least 30 days in advance of your departure day, making sure that it is not more than three months prior to departure. For a visa to be issued, your passport must be valid for at least six months after the last day of the trip. Please, look at your passport expiration date.
For more information on the Visa process, visit the website of the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami.


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