Recognize Some Materials That Are Currently Widely Used

Clothing for the elderly must be chosen right and according to their needs. Many parents cannot find the right clothes for them because of the lack of productio adaptive caregiving tools of these clothes. In fact, what they need is adaptive clothing for elderly that suits their needs in their old age.

In addition to the right clothing model for parents and those who can meet their needs, what you should know more about is the clothing material. Make sure that the clothing material is comfortable to use and does not cause a reaction on the skin. There are several clothing materials that you should recognize further.

1. Teteron Cotton
Teteron cotton is a cloth that comes from 35% combed cotton and 65% polyester fabric. With a large mixture of polyester making fabric, it is difficult to absorb the heat and feel rather hot when worn. For this reason, the use of cloth should be used on non-formal events in environments that are not too hot.

2. Lacoste
Lacoste cloth is a type of fabric that has the characteristic textured small holes that are usually used for collared polo clothing. This fabric cannot absorb sweat. For this type of fabric is better used in places that are not too hot and in a semi-formal event.

3. Fleece
Fleece fabric is a fabric that is hairy and with a look that resembles wool yarn. This fabric is warm and certainly comfortable to use because the hairy surface feels smooth when touched by the skin. In addition, generally, these fleece fabrics are thicker than combed cotton fabrics. For this material, the fabric is suitable for clothing that is used in cold areas so that they can protect themselves from low temperatures.

4. Combed cotton fabric
Combed cotton fabric is a fabric made of cotton material where when spinning, short fibers from cotton will be discarded. Thus the fabric of this material has subtle criteria, is able to absorb sweat and does not feel hot when used.