5 Diseases arising from dirty toilets

Public toilets are definitely used by many people every day. However, it is unfortunate that the toilets are usually not dirty or lacking in cleanliness. The various problems seen in public toilets include a large number of molds, dirty toilet seats, scattered tissue paper and dirty pool water is always a big problem in public toilets. On the other hand, check out the empresas de aseo en bogota if you need professionals to clean your toilets.

In fact the condition of dirty toilets is stored as a threat of threatening diseases, including the following.

1. Can cause streptococcus infection

Dirty toilets are very susceptible to causing streptococcus infection. The diseases that are triggered by these bacteria are fever, sore throat, and red skin. Not only that, the risk of having a urinary tract infection can be a threat.

2. Can cause hepatitis A

The appearance of hepatitis A is very common because of dirty toilets. We need to be very aware of the symptoms including nausea, fever, and abdominal cramps. Transmission of hepatitis A is through feces from sufferers.

3. Triggers staphylococcus infection

Infection commonly called staph is an infection that triggers various diseases, namely headache, fever and fatigue. This infection usually attacks people who are first using public toilets.

4. Colds and colds

Surely you do not expect that flu and colds can also be caused by the use of dirty toilets. This is where the importance of always maintaining the cleanliness of toilets in your home and also always be vigilant when using public toilets.

5. Can cause E-Coli infection

One of the bacteria produced by dirty toilets is e-coli. Bad effects that occur if infected with e-coli bacteria are stomach cramps, vomiting until bleeding bowel movements. It is terrible. E-coli bacteria are usually located in the toilet seat so that the door handles are also often occupied by these bacteria.

Try not to use dirty public toilets. If you are forced to wear it, try to first clean the toilet seat with cleaning tissue. Don’t forget to always clean your hands after urinating or defecating. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for all of us to routinely clean the toilet at home.