This is the Reasons Why Web Hosting Affects SEO

For those who often use the internet, of course, web hosting is no longer a surprise to them. The existence of web hosting will certainly make it easier for themselves . If a domain is considered as an address, then web hosting is a cabinet and storefront that will be displayed when someone visits the address. Web hosting as a storage container must be chosen very precisely. You can click here to get the web hosting you need.


You also certainly know that a bad hosting will certainly affect the accessibility and response of visitors which ultimately results in less than optimal. Meanwhile, user satisfaction is clearly something that is meaningful to Google and closely related to SEO.

Google itself said if “page speed is now a ranking factor”.
Although there are several other factors that contribute to the speed of a website, web hosting is one of the most significant contributors, which is also the easiest to overcome by choosing a good service. In addition, speed affairs can also be optimized by choosing the right server location. The same logic applies to servers in other locations.

Luckily, there are lots of good web hosting services with a variety of server location choices that we can choose online. The price is affordable and friendly in the wallet. Imagine if the user feels that your website is too slow in loading and makes them leave it. Remember, it only takes a second for visitors to leave your website. The meaning is just a little slower will result in loss of opportunity. Don’t you remember how many times you leave a page when loading is too slow?

This will also be done by prospective visitors to your website. Remember that they don’t have much time to wait for a website to load in seconds or even minutes. They need to load websites that are fast and can provide them with the information they need.