Note These Three Things To Keep Children Inside The House


Wherever you are, as a parent you certainly have to protect your child from various dangers that can befall them. In fact, not only outside the home, but you also have to look after your children while in the house. In the house, of course, there are many household appliances that you have. Ranging from small to large sizes such as a cabinet. So that children cannot reach the cabinet easily, then you need the right key. Get the key at

Children are certainly not aware of anything around them, so you as a parent must be very careful about all the things that are around your child. There are a number of things that you must pay attention to when keeping children at home.

1. Be careful about installing household furniture
Well, so that the risk of being hit by furniture in the house can be minimized, you should be careful when installing or putting furniture. Large and heavy bookshelves, drawers, dressers, wardrobes are very real hazards. Make sure these heavy, dangerous items are installed according to the rules. If necessary, the furniture is nailed to the wall as hard as possible.
In order for the shelf or cabinet to not be easily rolled over, make sure the bottom shelf is filled with items that are heavier than the ones above so that the load is centered below. You also need to be aware of televisions and decorative lighting because children can push or pull until they fall.

2. Be careful about the danger of fire
Beware of the Danger of Fire
Data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said, nearly 2,500 children were injured or died from fires inside the house. More than half of them are toddlers. For this reason, you should be more careful about fire-related devices, such as stoves. Keep the child away when cooking so that it is not exposed to the stove fire.

3. Check Curtains and Windows
Curtains with rope models can harm children. Most toddlers like to tug at the string of curtains and wrap them around the body. One of them, the rope can strangle your baby’s neck.