Ketogenic diet and its benefits

A ketogenic diet or better known as a keto diet is a diet that makes you limit carbohydrate intake. It’s because of the limited amount of carbohydrates, this diet can reduce the weight of people who do it quickly, and ketogenic diet for beginners is very recommended. The keto diet can also reduce blood sugar levels.

For those who run this diet, carbohydrate substitutes are foods that are high in protein and fat. Because of its ability to reduce weight and blood sugar levels due to minimal carbohydrate consumption, this diet is said to be used by diabetics.

The keto diet is thought to be able to help diabetics control blood sugar because of its low carbohydrate nature, especially if they also have obesity. By undergoing a ketogenic diet, a person is limited to consuming no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day. The rest, they are advised to consume protein. Diabetics are recommended to reduce carbohydrates, but that does not mean removing completely from the composition of daily food.

Running a keto diet for diabetics may be risky if not done under the supervision of a nutritionist. It’s because a person with diabetes still needs carbohydrates as an energy source. At the very least, they need around 130 grams per day and are advised to come from complex carbohydrates.