Know Any Type Of Lamp That Is In Some Car Parts

Cars certainly become vehicles that you often use where you go and whenever you want. You must also travel frequently at night, right? but what if your car’s lights don’t work well at night, then all you have to do is handle it well. Visit to get the car lights you need. Especially for the best LED headlamps.


However, besides that, it turns out there are also several types of lights for other cars that you need to know well. Some of these lights are usually spread in several parts of the car.

1. City lights
City lights are small lights that are in one house with headlights. Apart from being located in front, there are also city lights in the back lights united with brake lights (1 light bulb / 2 filaments). This light is turned on when the road conditions are not too dark or bright. More often is turned on in the afternoon conditions. Operation is by rotating 1 click the switch dimmer.

2. Light backwards
The backlight is on the back of the car. We all know, at the rear lights there are 3 different color lights namely Red, yellow and white. The red color is the city lights that are united with the brake lights. The yellow color is the turn lights and hazard lights. And white is the color of the backlight. So if you are behind a car with a white light on, then the vehicle will reverse. The operation of the reverse lamp will automatically turn on if the transmission position is in the R (reverse) position.

3. Turn lights
The lights turn as a marker for other drivers that the vehicle we drive
will turn right or left. The way to operate is by pressing down or up in accordance with the direction of turning the vehicle. Swith will return to its normal position without having to press it, but it will return to normal if the steering wheel position is straight (on a straight road).