Know how to store items in a minimalist house

If in your room there is a narrow corner of an example near the window, then you can take advantage of the narrow-angle with minimalist furniture as a storage room for goods. You can add a multi-function furniture such as a chair or sofa with a drawer on the bottom. Aside from that, check out the trusted self storage service near you if you need more spaces to store your items safely.

Maximize an empty space for bookshelves

Instead of storing your book collection in a closet, you better arrange it on a bookshelf. Because one of the advantages of a bookshelf is that it doesn’t take up too much space like a closet. You can take advantage of your minimalist space into a bookshelf that rests on the wall, bookshelves are also suitable to be used as a dividing rack between rooms. You can also store other items besides books.

Empty space under the stairs

The solution that was popular from ancient times was to use an empty place under the stairs. Goods storage is a practical and appropriate solution. You can turn an empty space under the stairs into a shelf or cupboard where you can store things.

Maximize walls for television

Usually a television is placed on a table or cabinet. If you want your minimalist space to look spacious and spacious, you can put the television not on the furniture. Instead you can place your LCD television on a wall or wall so that it appears to be hanging, besides being more practical, the room will look wider and wider.

Maximize the room under the bed

Bed designs today are usually designed with a storage drawer at the bottom. However, if your bed includes a long time ago that has under, then you can add a storage area for goods under the bed according to your desires and style.

Multi-functional chair selection

Just like a bed, there are many chairs with pads or sofas that are multi-functional. The pillow section of the place to sit and the sofa can usually be opened and inside there is a small space that you can make for storage.