Chiropractic for Mothers, Babies, and Children

During pregnancy, women will experience a variety of great stresses, both physically and mentally. The health of prospective mothers plays an important role in the process of growing a baby’s fetus for nine months. Chiropractic care can eliminate various complications resulting from biomechanical pressure on the prospective mother’s body. The survey shows prospective mothers who take chiropractic care during their pregnancy not only get a sense of comfort, but also experience a smooth birth process. Apart from that, we recommend you to check out the chiropractor santa monica as well.


While this therapy in children should begin as soon as possible after the birth process. This aims to ensure the baby’s spine and nervous system can grow and develop optimally.

Almost every baby experiences trauma during the birth process. When the baby has to go through a channel from the uterus, he gets a variety of pressures that can form his head and pump up liquid nutrients around the central nervous system. This pressure also creates an imbalance in the baby’s body. The process of giving birth using forceps, vacuum, or Caesarean section can reduce the trauma. But this assistance can have an adverse effect in the future.

Along with the growth of the child, the spine also grows and presses on each other. When the child learns to lift his head, crawl, and walk, in fact, it is an important phase of the child begins to form three curves of his spine – from the previous one to only one arch. All small accidents, such as head bumps, falls that always accompany in the process of learning to crawl, walk or learn to ride a bicycle will greatly affect the growth of the child’s bones.

Because that’s very important to make sure the bone grows and moves in its proper position. Bone growth that is not monitored, and the necessity for the child to continue to grow and develop with incorrect bone position, will bring it to the imbalance of work of all parts of his body, and scoliosis that he must carry for life.