This Is How Self Storage Managers Maintain Cleanliness

Maintaining self-storage is one of the facilities offered by self-storage management. Similarly with North Phoenix Self Storage. As long as self-storage is not used, it is the duty of management to maintain its cleanliness. So that when new customers come and want to use self-storage, the room is clean, can be used immediately. This is a service that must be provided by the management if you want to keep getting customers.


In addition to cleaning the self-storage room, the most often done is cleaning the self-storage door by washing it. Usually, the self-storage door that is cleaned is outdoor self-storage because it requires sunlight to dry quickly. In addition, because it is often exposed to sunlight, the self-storage door will be faster dull. To keep it, it is necessary to clean up as well as maintenance whether the door is still functioning properly or not. The following are ways to clean the self-storage door correctly:

– Wash the door in a shady place or not in the sun. To clean it, you can use detergent or ammonia solution. Dissolve one glass of ammonia into five gallons of water, then add detergent.

– Use a brush with soft bristles or a microfiber towel. Wash from side to side on the storage door. Do not let the soap dry on the door surface, so it must be rinsed immediately with plain water. After that, it is left to dry.

– When found lime on the storage door, it must rub a little harder so that the lime is gone. Do not leave the chalk on the self-storage door, because when customers open the door and find lime in hand, they will assume that the manager is not professional in managing cleanliness.

– Rinse the door as a whole, starting from top to bottom using a hose. Let the water flow between the doors to remove the remaining dirty water and soap. After that, wipe it using a soft cloth to dry it half. Finally, leave it to dry completely.