Select Bow Arrows Based on Height With These Two Ways


Archery is indeed a favorite sport for many people. Because this sport is indeed fun and can be done by anyone. Anyone who knows the right technique can do it well. You can find out everything about archery at, especially for those of you who want to set the recurve bow.

If you want to buy a Recurve bow, what actually becomes a benchmark is not age or gender, because even though the age is the same, everyone’s physical condition is different. The most appropriate way to measure arcs is based on the size of the draw length (length of the bowstring). To measure draw length must use a tool called Draw Light Indicator. But this method is not easy because there are rarely those who own the tool, unless you come directly to our store (Vieth Archery Store), because we have it. There are several ways you can do to choose an arc based on your height.

1. Based on the height of the bow.
In the case of strings attached, the bow height is not lower than your eyebrows. We recommend that the bow height exceed your eyebrow limit.
But this method still has weaknesses, because if you use the size of the bow that is very far higher than your height, then when playing the arrows can’t be maximal.

2. Based on height.
This method is more often used by archers because it is easier than the first and second. In this way, you simply calculate your height, then divide by 2.54 (1 Inch = 2.54cm).
For example, your height is 165 cm, the calculation method is 165 / 2.54 so the result is 64.9. While the available bow sizes are usually: 54 “, 62”, 64 “, 66”, 68 “& 70”.
From the results you just have to round up the closest to the size of the available bow. So for the results 64.9 then the size of the bow that suits you is the size of 66 “