These Are Two Positive Things From Using School Uniforms

As a school rule, all students are required to wear uniforms while in school. There are many reasons why this should be done. Starting from training discipline to other things. So, getting uniforms for school is something to do.

The purpose of using uniforms is not only to show discipline and to bring a sense of comfort while in school. Using uniforms also becomes the identity and the school. In addition to regular uniforms, schools also have special uniforms as school identities. This is very useful when participating in a competition or race. Each school has a special identity through their uniform. This also makes it easier for the jury to judge because of the different uniforms.
Another positive thing about having a uniform is to increase the sense of national unity. When both wear the same school uniform, teenagers feel from one group even though they come from different schools. This makes them united in terms of goodness and positive activities.