Voodoo is a Practitioner Not a Master

The original Voodoo doll is actually more complicated than what is usually depicted in movies. A Voodoo doll does not really symbolize someone where it is done, for example, being stabbed with a needle, then the person symbolized will also feel pierced. Conversely, Voodoo dolls are a representation of someone. For example, if you cannot come to a meeting, then someone else will replace you. In this case, your representation in black magic is a Voodoo doll. To further increase the attractiveness of spirits to open themselves to dolls and grant their wishes, usually someone’s image is attached to the doll, or it can be something that is closely related to them like a bundle of hair that is inserted into the doll. (These needles and hair are usually misunderstood as a tool to hurt someone).

Marie is one of the names most often associated with Voodoo. Rumors circulated that he was an illegitimate child from a Creole plantation owner and a half-black and half-Indian woman. Marie’s first marriage ended when her husband suddenly disappeared mysteriously, and his second marriage gave him 15 children. One of her children, Marie Laveau II, followed in the footsteps of her mother becoming a Voodoo priest and was believed to be the person most responsible for rumors saying that Laveau’s elders lived many decades longer than ordinary people. Besides giving counseling to those in need, Laveau is also a hairdresser who gives him connections to some of the most powerful and influential people in New Orleans. Many wonder if something bad (or good) happens to an important person in the city, is Laveau behind it. But one thing is certain, Laveau helps homeless people, those who are hungry and sick.

It may sound surprising, but the Catholic Church receives Voodoo. This was most clearly demonstrated when Pope John Paul II recognized the “fundamental goodness” in Voodoo practice and teachings, and then attended the Voodoo ceremony in 1993. The Church’s view of the cult developed with the aim of establishing peaceful relations between Christians and others in Africa – the birthplace of Voodoo but ‘servant’. Contrary to popular belief, those who practice Voodoo do not have such great strength. Instead, they are servants of the spirit of Voodoo. Priests and Voodoo pastors must go through extensive training before they can even try to communicate with spirits.